Cisco VOIP CallManager Features

Submitted by donmc on Mon, 09/14/2009 - 07:35

The Cisco Unified CME system supports features you would come to expect from a time-division multiplexing (TDM) PBX or key system. These features can be divided into four categories: system, phone, trunk, and voice mail features. The major features in each category are included in the following list (current as of CME Version 4.3):

Transparent Icons in XP

Submitted by donmc on Fri, 08/28/2009 - 13:25

Here is the solution to this one:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click System
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Click Settings in the Performance section
  5. Check the “Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop” checkbox
  6. Click OK until you close the windows
  7. Then, right click somewhere on the desktop. Select "Arrange Icons By" and disable "Lock Web Items on Desktop"


Submitted by donmc on Tue, 08/18/2009 - 11:39

Resetting your Drupal admin password

To directly reset your password, log into phpMyAdmin and execute the following mySQL statement:

UPDATE users SET pass = md5('newpassword') WHERE uid = 1;