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Change the MySQL Collation setting & character set for a DB

Say you want to change the character_set or collation of a MariaDB (MySQL) DB:

ALTER DATABASE databasename CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

PhpMyAdmin error message when the script has not been run during install...

I see this fairly often when I have done fast installs of ubuntu:
"Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed."

What happens is I ignore the install script that needs to run for PhpMyAdmin to establish its database etc.
Happily the fix is fairly easy - just run the script again now:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin

SAMBA4 issues with webmin (somewhat resolved) ... (for Ubuntu 14.04)

I am surprised that there have been no updates to the webmin interface to support the new samba version (that has been rolled out to most major linux distros now) -- am I the only one that has been using webmin to do my admin on samba servers ? I think NOT...

Anyway - here is a quick and dirty fix to the start/stop entries in the webmin samba module to correct it for Version 4:

Command to stop Samba servers
service smbd stop && service nmbd stop

"Data Call Failure" Error 67 - Solution #1

Beware people (like me) who offer solutions (like this)...

That said, here is how I have (several times) repaired this error on my HTC EVO 4G LTE.
(it's a Sprint phone, but I think these issues are across all of the telcos)

On your KEYPAD, type this:

Google I/O 2014 releases...

Polymer looks like it may be very cool -

scripted (bash) password changes for Samba users...

I was excited to find this, so I am saving it here.

To change an smb passwd in a bash script:

echo -e "newpasswd\nnewpasswd" | (smbpasswd -s username)

And note the "\n" in there to push a newline between the two passwords...

For the unix (Linux) username:

echo -e "newpass\nnewpass" | (passwd --stdin username)

Use composer to install drush on Linux

I have been building a new web server platform and tried to install drush using pear as I have in the past, but it is not NOT the recommended way to install it any longer (who knew?).
Drush has developed a huge cult following for it's ease of use in maintaining multiple drupal based sites very easily from the CLI. I cannot recommend drush highly enough - I can update the code for all of my sites in a few minutes - back in the gory days it would take me ages to do that... These steps worked flawlessly for me on Ubuntu 14.04 today.

Quick Image library check for PHP-GD

donmc@etiikka:~$ php -r 'print_r(gd_info());' Array ( [GD Version] => 2.0 [FreeType Support] => 1 [FreeType Linkage] => with freetype [T1Lib Support] => 1 [GIF Read Support] => 1 [GIF Create Support] => 1 [JPEG Support] => 1 [PNG Support] => 1 [WBMP Support] => 1 [XPM Support] => [XBM Support] => [JIS-mapped Japanese Font Support] => )

Recently had to patch my web servers for this SSL Bug: "Heartbleed"

You can install the patches (for Ubuntu 12.04 and up) with the following three commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:george-edison55/openssl-heartbleed-fix sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade
Any errors running "add-apt-repository" on Ubuntu 12.04, will probably mean that you need to install the "python-software-properties" package with the following command:
sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

New Proxmox Nag...

Found this little trick to remove the nag from the new version (3.1) of Proxmox - which I had thought would remain free for low key users like me...



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