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By donmc, 25 November, 2007

Jax Beaches Technology is now servicing customer needs for high-speed hosting services for their web presence. See below for detailed listings of the various services offered by this service. Available now, a simple and easy process can have your site being served from an extremely high-performance location in Florida, USA. Please review the hosting service detailed below and contact NDC if you have any questions.

Web Hosting service details

  • 100MB of Web-Site disk space (more if necessary - please discuss)
  • Up to 50 MB of Disk storage for email (POP3) post-office..
  • 10GB of data transfer per month
  • Unix Hosted
  • Web site has a Dedicated and Unique IP Address
  • Web site has a Unique User Name and Control Panel
  • Web site has a Unique Home directory
  • UNLIMITED POP3 Email Boxes
  • UNLIMITED Email Aliases
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
  • Unlimited Email Autoresponders and PGP┬« Email
  • Streaming Real Audio/Video included
  • PHP 4 or 5 (Selectable by .htaccess file)
  • FTP support including anonymous
  • CGI directory for each web site
  • Streaming Real Audio/Video
  • Expert Technical Support - call or email.


There is a one time setup fee of $40.00 for each domain name.
Note that this excludes the domain-name rental fees separately paid to reserve your domain name - e.g.

  • Only recurring fee is $8.95 per month !
  • NO SMTP Service is included. This is normally provided by your Internet Service Provider (e.g. Bellsouth/Comcast/AOL)


This service will allow your company to start many sophisticated projects with the web, and additionally allow unlimited users in your company to have a formal email address such as: which will demonstrate a professional technology-savvy company. Also a significant feature for easy enquiry/responses is the email-Autoresponder function. Please ask for details regarding this.

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