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By admin, 25 April, 2009

I myself use this low-level-we-need-the-command-line-for-this method:

Take a look here .... the backup tool they discuss there is called "hubackup" and you can install it via "Synaptic":

By donmc, 13 April, 2009

Useful Samba Networking Commands

There are several useful commands available to the Samba network admin.

When it comes to networking, there are two important points of view... what the server sees and what the client sees. Windows networking relies on extensive (and complex) caching on each client. Sometimes a wait of 5-15 minutes will solve network 'issues' on a client. Other times the server is responsible. You must look in both places to determine the source(s) of your problem(s).

Login as root on the PDC (Primary Domain Controller).

By donmc, 12 April, 2009

I have just today upgraded the site to version 6 !
This is a very significant upgrade, and some care was needed to avoid issues as I moved forward...

But the benefits are many, and I now look forward to playing with the theming modules (for developers) and so on...