Non sequitur

By donmc, 18 June, 2008

The Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science Degree
Preparation for a Career
Career and technical education programs are designed to prepare students who, at the completion of a program of study listed in this section of the catalog, are planning to enter a chosen career at the semi–professional level. The associate in science (A.S.) degree program may also articulate into the bachelor’s degree in a related field of study at a state public university, based on specific program articulation agreements.

By donmc, 21 March, 2008

My wife found this excerpt online - it is a very touching story...

Animals also feel fear and anguish at facing death, and struggle to preserve their existence. The true story of Emily illustrates the anguish that a three-year-old Holstein cow felt when it was about to be slaughtered in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.