IBM ThinkCentre 8183-32U

By donmc, 3 April, 2008

General Information - S50 - 8183
System board/
Form factor
  • Supports Intel Northwood processors with 533MHz or 800MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), 512KB L2 cache, and built on a 0.13 micron core
  • Supports Intel Prescott Pentium 4 processors with 800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 cache, and built on a 0.13 micron core
  • Supports Intel Northwood Celeron processors with 400MHz FSB and 128KB L2 cache
  • 478 pin mPGA socket
  • uATX
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz to 3.2GHz
  • Intel Celeron 2.0GHz to 2.6GHz
  • 128KB to 1MB cache, processor dependent
  • Intel 865G chipset graphics memory controller hub (MCH)
  • ICH5 Input/Output Controller Hub
  • AC '97 Digital Controller
  • 333MHz DDR (Double Data Rate) dual channel memory support
    NOTE: BIOS will reflect 266Mhz with Celeron processor
  • PC2700 (333MHz) memory support
  • Supports maximum memory up to 2.0GB
  • ECC or parity memory not supported
  • 2 184 pin DIMM sockets
  • Option part numbers for memory
Hard drive
IDE controller
  • 1 Ultra ATA-100 connector
  • 2 drive support
Serial ATA controller
  • 2 serial ATA-150 connectors
  • 2 drive support
Optical drives
  • Integrated ADI1981B codec, Audio Codec '97 2.3 compliant
  • SoundMAX Cadenza software
  • Software-based audio (done by processor and ICH5)
  • Conexant soft modem - Available on selected models
  • V.92, K56Flex data
  • 14.4Kbps Fax
  • Data/Fax only
Power management
  • APM 1.2 and ACPI 1.0 compliant
  • Power-on suspend supported (soft on)
  • S3 supported, wake from USB & keyboard
Power supply
  • 200 watt power supply
  • 110 volt or 220 volt operation controlled by a switch on the back of the unit
Keyboard and mouse
Operating systems

Preloaded software recovery uses industry standard Protected Area Run Time Interface Extension Services (PARTIES) recovery method

  • U-Bolt anchoring feature
  • Security slot for attachment of optional Kensington style cable lock
  • Power-on password
  • Configuration password (administrator password)
  • Boot sequence control
Promise of Value (POV3) - Available on selected models
  • Offers both platform and user authentication
  • Executes all private key-related Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) operations right on the chip (requires third party digital certificate)
  • Designed to enable secure storage of private keys (requires third party digital certificate)
  • Supports industry standard cryptographic interface (MSCAPI and PKCS#11)
  • Provides more secure access authentication by coordinating with Windows logons and strengthening Lotus Notes logons
  • Encrypts and decrypts files, folders and messages with 1024-bit digital signature and up to 256-bit key exchange
  • Digital signatures allow non-repudiation and data integrity
  • Integrates with biometrics and proximity badges
  • Adheres to the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) specification
  • C2 tamper detect switch
  • Cover keylock
External ports
  • Eight USB (two in front, six in back) [Ver 2.0]
  • One Ethernet RJ-45
  • Two serial 9-pin ports 16550 compatible
  • One parallel port IEEE 1284 compatible
  • Keyboard, mouse, and monitor ports
  • Microphone in, headphone out (front)
  • Audio line in, audio line out (rear)
  • 85mm high x 309mm wide x 359mm deep (3.3" x 12.2" x 14.1")
  • Weight fully loaded - approximately 20lbs
  • Supports 100lb monitor
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Slot 1: full height, half length, 32-bit PCI 2.2 (5v)
  • Slot 2: full height, half length, 32-bit PCI 2.2 (5v)
  • Bay 1: 3.5 inch slim-line 1.2 inch, external access, floppy disk drive
  • Bay 2: 5.25 inch full-height, external access, CD-ROM
  • Bay 3: 3.5 inch slim-line, internal access, hard disk drive