Drupal gains ground in Oz


There have been a slew of high profile Drupal sites released recently.
"The open source content management system (CMS), Drupal, continues to gain popularity both locally and internationally. The CMS powers several new high profile websites including the Prime Minister's site, launched last month and designed by Canberra-based company OPC IT and ABC's three digital radio websites – Dig Music, ABC Jazz and ABC Country. Internationally, it is used by organisations as diverse as Obama's administration in the US to Greenpeace to McDonalds."

Cisco VOIP CallManager Features


The Cisco Unified CME system supports features you would come to expect from a time-division multiplexing (TDM) PBX or key system. These features can be divided into four categories: system, phone, trunk, and voice mail features. The major features in each category are included in the following list (current as of CME Version 4.3):

Processor Performance by Rank

This data comes from the crowd-sourced "PassMark" benchmarking utility.
Users pass their CPU performance data back to Passmark, and they have a few tables on their website that break CPUs down by ranking. I have combined several tables here into a single dump that includes both Single and Multi CPU performance statistics/comparisons. There are over 1,500 individual CPUs compared in this table.
You can get their software at their web site here:

It begins - how Google can grow beyond Microsoft's wildest nightmares...

I have often wondered when Google would begin to develop an alternative to the windows platform - something for the rest of us...

But it is already out there in plain sight - just smuggled under the radar in the form of a "phone operating system".

Take a look at this post from Engadget - there is a video clip of a "smartbook" - an ASUS Eee PC prototype running google's "Android" on a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset. It is incredible, and the power use is so low that they didn't need to include a fan...