Windows 7 Backup Options

Submitted by donmc on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 10:49

I took a look at some of these, but I really wanted to be able to do both incremental and differential backups, which eliminates most of these options. The GFI product does both, looks clean and crisp, seems to work fine, is running as we speak :)

Just so you know, the offering from Microsoft is nowhere near as good as it was under XP - only Full Disk Images, only to other network drives if you are running Pro and up, etc.

Seems like the backup companies out there must have paid Micro$oft a bunch of money to cripple their "new" backup and restore product. If they didn't (either way actually) then they are VERY happy campers now, because few savvy users will be satisfied with the offering out of the box with Windows 7, Server 2008 - pretty much the whole raft of products issuing forth from M$.

* GFI Backup -
* Comodo BackUp -
* FBackup -
* Drive Backup Free Edition -
* TrueSafe Personal Edition -
* AceBackup -
* Cobian Backup -
* Karen's Replicator -
* JaBack -
* Windows 7 Backup and Restore – Control Center of any Windows 7 based computer