Google Chrome OS ho-hum? I think not.

Submitted by donmc on Fri, 11/27/2009 - 11:57

Article: "Google Chrome: The Official Start of the Cloud Era"
Author Lawrence Walsh says: "Google Chrome is being dismissed by competitors and analysts, but it may just be the official beginning of the cloud computing era by freeing users from big, heavy PCs and operating systems."

I commented on his article as follows:

I think the ho-hum reaction you are referring to comes from the paid commentators out there with a vested interest in the continued use of fat code from Micro$oft. Show me a user (particularly one who travels a lot) and I'll show you someone interested in a thin browser-based travel device.

As an IT specialist for close to 30 years, I'll tell you this for free: gmail makes outlook look like an anachronistic monster. and supporting that thing (outlook) is a genuine pain. I just got off the phone from a customer having talked her into dumping outlook completely. It was way too easy. People love the concept of a centralized data repository that enables access from ANY browser world-wide. What's not to love?

The web-based solutions we are seeing from Google are really free-thinking solutions to the locked-in thinking that keeps the billions of $$$ flowing into the behemoths of yesteryear. I guarantee you that Microsoft is terrified of what Google's new OS can potentially do to its profits in the long term. If they are not, they certainly should be.