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Resetting the TCP settings in Windows 7 (& probably Vista etc.)

It's hard to admit this, but I have had a great deal of trouble with Windows 7 and VPN - connecting to a remote VPN service from a Win7 Desktop.

I looked everywhere to try to resolve it, when I finally ran across this little gem:

netsh winsock reset catalog [resets winsock]
netsh int ip reset reset.log hit [resets the TCP/IP stack]

Run these two at the command line, REBOOT, and (at least for me) all of my issues with VPN connection failures were GONE !

Settings (in Vista and Windows 7) to access Samba Shares...

Microsoft Vista’s default security policy is to only use NTLMv2 authentication. I am not sure what the setting is by default in Windows 7 - so this may apply there too.

Note that NTLMv2 authentication is supported in Samba 3.0+

Seems like we ought to be heading towards Kerberos for all our authentication needs in the longer term.

See the forum discussion on this at:

HP Array Configuration Utility in a Redhat Linux Server

To review the HP Drive Array Diagnostics in a Redhat Linux Server:

Start the services:
hp-health System Health Monitor and Command line Utility Package.
hpsmhd    System Management Homepage server.

Then start the "Array Configuration Utility":

# sudo  /usr/sbin/cpqacuxe -R

Then browse to the URL on your server (in this example

Great Visio Resource

Greg Ferro has great ideas for representation of complex VLAN & routing layouts in Visio:

Mount an NTFS Filesystem in Linux

Under CentOS 5.6 OR Redhat Enterprise Linux RHEL 5.6
To mount NTFS file systems, you'll need to do this:
mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt


CentOS 5.6 HTTP Install

Website Name:
CentOS Directory: centos/5.6/os/i386

Sprint EVO 4G data reset procedure

In order to get your data working again after an outage of 3G or 4G you need to do the following in sequence:

  1. Phone this number: ##3283#
  2. Hit "EDIT" - it will prompt for a password
  3. Hit 287804
  4. Hit "OK"
  5. Select "DATA PROFILE"
  6. Go to Menu --> Restore
  7. Hit "OK" [Twice]

It will reboot, and do stuff...
Then, once it has fully rebooted, go to: Menu/Settings/System Updates/Update Profile
Once that is done, your data connection via 3G or 4G should be repaired.

Windows 7 Upgrade Clean Install - How to get it to accept the Upgrade Key

How to Install Windows 7 to a NEW Drive using an Upgrade DVD

I recently had to deal with Microsoft Support on this issue, and I can save you a great deal of time by passing on this procedure to you. Here's the scenario: you want to upgrade to a new monster SATA drive, and do a clean install of Windows 7 from an UPGRADE DVD, but the way the upgrade is setup, you need to first install the VISTA or XP version of windows so that the upgrade can run without activation errors. Well, I'm told by Microsoft Support that the following sequence will work:


Fixing the WEBMIN module for APCUPSD in Ubuntu Linux 10.04

I recently enabled the APC UPS monitor in my Ubuntu Linux 10.04 web server, and as a part of that, chose to use the webmin module available at:

And for the sake of complete disclosure, the APCUPSD module is available by a simple:

sudo apt-get install apcupsd

I then configured the "/etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf" to reflect the fact that I was using the USB connection:


Do you need to reboot your ubuntu ?

Just check for the existence of this file after an update:
don@etiikka:~$ ls -al /var/run/reboot-required
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 32 Oct  9 15:17 /var/run/reboot-required
If it is there, you need to restart the machine -- at the command line, do this:
don@etiikka:~$ sudo reboot


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